Key Features

  • DVI signal distribution, each DVI input can be distributed to 2 DVI outputs.
  • Compatible with Linsn 801/802, Nova MSD300/600, Mooncell, Colorlight IT7 and Dbstar Q2011 sending cards, 4 install full-color LED sending card slot.
  • System integration, ingeniously designed,which adopts board pluggable structure.
  • Adopts air cooling processing, energy conservation and environment protection.
  • Signal adaptive matching design to solve the problem of high resolution interference and out of sync when distribute signal.
  • Point-to-point correction technology allows the manufacturers to relax the requirements in LED brightness and color, which reduce the purchasing cost.


DV4 accepts a wide variety of video signals, including computer video, HDTV video. It combines seamless, fade in fade out switching with advanced scaling technologies, which meet the requirements of high quality, high resolution video presentations. In addition, it uses the demo enhancements, such as loop out, multiple switching effects, PIP operation, multiple split modes, PTP mapping, save and recall functions and multiple controlling ways. All these  make lots of advanced functions in high-end show are available.

DV4 can meet the demands of current LED screen control, it can save the area and improve the efficiency, and the installation of power is quite simple if setting the power supply module.

Input 2 x DVI
Output 4 x DVI
Net Size 480mmx250mmx45mm
Package size 535mmx355mmx130mm
Net weight 2kg
Package weight 3.7kg
Power Supply 25W
Work Temperature 0°C~40°C
Relative Humidity 10%~85%


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