Our Favorite Home Decor Trends of the Year

Just like many people do with their resolutions at the end of each year, editors often take the last few months of any given year to look back on the top décor trends that made a mark on interiors and look to the future to predict where the world of décor is heading. We evaluate whether our past predictions were right and explore the new trends that are bubbling up in the most cutting-edge corners of the industry. We do this not only because we’re passionate, but also because we know all too well how easy it is to make a space feel fresh by introducing only one or two key trending pieces.

Especially in 2018, where we saw a move away from strict minimalism toward a more collected and curated approach to design, layering a room with just a couple of trends can transform it from ordinary to striking. Are you curious to know what the big trends in décor are this year? From mid-century Italian curves to bouclé accents and bold primary hues, these are the home décor trends to spruce up your home’s style in 2019. Just pick your favorites and get decorating.

Mushroom Lamps

Home Décor Trends 2019 — Mushroom Lamps

We’ve seen the resurgence of dome or mushroom lamps in 2018, but this is only amplified in 2019. With major retailers already jumping on the bandwagon and vintage models like the Oluce Attolo lamp becoming harder to find, all signs point to this trend only gaining traction—and we’re fully on board with this sculptural addition to our décor.


Home Décor Trends 2019 — Maximalism Living Room

While the world of interiors has been dominated by minimalist Scandinavian design these past few years, we’re heading toward a return to more minimalist tendencies—all in a fresh and modern way. That’s not to say everyone will revert to a more traditional or classic style. Instead, we predict people will be more thoughtful about acquiring long-lasting pieces from different periods and styles to create interiors that are intrinsically unique.